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Our products are designed with the recommended manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines of residential and commercial grade hot water tanks. Because a water heater is a home or business’s trusted investment and necessary component of human comfort, having a properly maintained and serviced water heater will allow owners to avoid having a  non-performing or broken water heating unit in the future.

What Causes Water Heater Failure?

One of the biggest causes of water heater failure is improper maintenance. Researched by water heater manufacturers, data has concluded that the four main causes of water heater failure are:

  1. The loss of water heater anode protection
  2. The accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the tank
  3. Having a water heater that is not dielectrically connected correctly to the hot and cold lines
  4. No expansion tank to protect from fluctuating pressure of city water

As a service to our valued customers, The Water Connection is pleased to offer informative online resources that address these water heater anode maintenance issues and offer preventative maintenance solutions, ensuring your water heater properly operates as long as or beyond the manufacturer’s recommended life expectancy. These educational, preventative maintenance guidelines can be found by clicking on the Water Heater Information tab. Shop Now! 

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