aluminum zinc anode rods

For hard water, well water, and smelly water.


We carry a variety of anode styles and lengths, including standard hex plug and hot water outlet (nipple-style). Simple step-by-step instructions are included.


Anode rods made from aluminum-zinc alloy are proven to prevent the formation of the naturally-occurring (but smelly) hydrogen-sulfide gases.


Internal rust is the #1 killer of hot water heater tanks. Replacing your sacrificial anode rod every 4-5 years prevents internal rust and corrosion.


Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods for Water Heaters by WaterConnection

Welcome to WaterConnection, your trusted provider of superior-quality water heater accessories. We take pride in offering an exceptional line of Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods designed to ensure the longevity and efficient performance of your water heater.

What are Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods?

Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods are critical components in maintaining your water heater’s performance and lifespan. These rods, composed of a sturdy aluminum-zinc alloy, function by providing sacrificial corrosion protection. When placed in a water heater, they attract corrosive elements, sparing your tank and heating elements from deterioration. Our rods are specially designed to offer a more efficient and long-lasting alternative to standard magnesium rods.

Why Choose Our Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods?

At WaterConnection, our Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods stand out for their quality and durability. The balanced aluminum-zinc alloy formulation ensures less corrosion compared to traditional rods, making them an ideal choice for water heaters operating in high mineral content or hard water conditions.

In addition, our anode rods can reduce the production of sulfur bacteria, aiding in minimizing that unpleasant “rotten egg” smell often associated with water heaters.

Ease of Installation

Each of our anode rods features a hex plug design at the top or a nipple for integrated anode rod, making installation and removal quick and easy with just a standard socket wrench. Available in different lengths and thread sizes, our anode rods offer compatibility with a wide range of water heater models.

Your Water Heater’s Best Defense

When it comes to protecting your water heater from corrosion and prolonging its lifespan, our Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods are the optimal choice. By choosing WaterConnection, you’re investing in improved water quality, longer equipment life, and peace of mind.

Final Word

At WaterConnection, we are committed to offering only the best to our customers. Trust in our Aluminum Zinc Anode Rods’ superior functionality, durability, and ease of use. Protect your water heater and ensure its efficient operation for years to come.

Contact us today for more information about our products and how we can assist you in maintaining the longevity of your water heater. WaterConnection – your reliable partner for all your water heater needs.