• 715 Water heaters are replaced every hour!
  • 8 Million+ are replaced or installed on new construction yearly.
  • The average life of a water heater is 8-13 years without maintenance.
  • Documentation shows with maintenance, water heaters will last 20, 30, 40 years or more.
  • Main elements that destroy water heaters are: scale, internal rusting and external pipe leakage.


 1. Years ago, a water heater would have a service life of 20+ years. There are some contributing factors:

  •  The steel tank was made with a thicker metal.
  • The glass lining applied to the steel tank to protect it from rusting was applied in 2 coats instead of today’s 1 coat.
  • Water quality was better – less hardness and aggressiveness.
  • They had a lower fire rating creating less fatigue to the metal.
  • Water softeners, which speed up the corrosion rate were not in wide use.
  • Some tanks were made of non-corrosive materials, copper and monel, which are not economical to purchase today.

2. The price of water heaters have increased and will increase further. Why?

  • State and local code requirements——example: earthquake protection, pans, stands, expansion tanks, higher energy ratings.
  • The environmental protection agency will continue to impose stricter energy efficient regulations on water heater design. Dumping, transporting and recycling costs will increase in order to protect our standard of living.
  • Professional organized plumbing and heating firms are setting the standards by recruiting skilled technicians. Offering incentives for a career, not a job. A positive image is set on communication skills to increase their ability to upsell the job. Flat rate pricing. Maintenance agreements and extended warranties are the arsenal that contributes to their success.
  • Show the consumer real value in your product and services and they will buy from you over the fellow who sells product based on price.