Useful Tools

Torque Multiplier with Socket

Torque Multiplier with SocketTORQUE MULTIPLIER WITH SOCKET FOR REPLACEMENT OF ANODE RODS When tanks are manufactured, anode rods are installed with an impactor. With age threads become frozen and are difficult to remove with conventional breaker bars, ratchets and sockets. The cure is a rod remover, a tool modified for the sole purpose of easy removal and replacement
Price: $595.00


Muc VacUser friendly. Muck-vac is designed with the professional in mind. Equipped with a 2 gallon capacity scale separation holding tank. Built in sight hose for evaluating speed of removal & completion of job. Tool is built using industrial quality components; and is designed for easy maintenance and minimal care, muck-vac will give many years of service.
Price: $1,550.00

Muc-Vac Maintenance Kit

Muc-Vac Maintenance KitMuc-Vac Maintenance Kit includes:  Valve Kit, Drive Belt, Diaphram Kit, Brush Kit, Tip, Filter Bag, Wand Wire, O Ring
Price: $233.12